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"Amateur Psychology with Danny Ricker"







Hello, internet acquaintances. 

On Monday, April 29th I'll be testing out my new talky-type show "Amateur Psychology" where I interview comedians about their anxiety, depression, and other HILARIOUS mental disorders. 

While I am a comedy writer by trade, I also earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from a public university. Does that make me qualified to pontificate on the psychological issues of my guests? It does not. But I am going to do it anyway because this is America, where success is often achieved through under-qualification. 

My guest on the 29th will be my good friend, the brilliant and talented Andy Crocker. Not only is Andy a delight, she also recommended me to my therapist years ago - so we have much to discuss. 

Show's at 9pm at ComedySportz Los Angeles. Tickets are $5 and I'll be one of three comedy sets that night. 

Thank you, kindly.


Ricker's Guide to making a Hollywood blockbuster (in audio form!)

I was recently invited by my old friend Matt Fondilier to write and record a new chapter of The Ricker's Guide for the two year anniversary of his movie podcast "There Will Be Spoilers." 

This week the show was done in the style of This American Life. And I guess it makes sense for me to be involved, as I've been told I look like "Drunk Ira Glass."

You can get the podcast on iTunes or at this link: http://therewillbespoilers.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/podcast-136-this-american-spoiler/

Thanks to Matt for having me. 

First Aid or Gay Porn?

There's a great used bookstore around the corner from my place in North Hollywood that has a huge pile of random books for $2. It's normally filled with "Idiot's Guides to..." and Steve Guttenberg autobiographies, but during my last visit, I stumbled upon this oddity:

I've never considered being a soldier or administering first aid to one, but out of curiosity I cracked this to see what was inside. I'm glad I did, because the instructional drawings within allowed me to create a fantastic new game the whole family can play.



Let's begin...


Whatever this is, it's passionate.



Not entirely sure what the medical benefits are here.



This one's called the "tickle hump."



Time to get some buddies involved.



Whether they're saving his life or having sex with him, you'd think they'd be a little more excited about it.



Now things are getting freaky.



They say the best way to resuscitate a man is by nibbling on his ear lobe.



Whether this is first aid or a sexual move, it should be administered with a "Shhh..." sound and followed shortly thereafter with an "Mmmmm...." noise.






I know a lot of people are upset with the idea of homosexuals serving in the military, but let's be honest -- the military was already a kinda gay place.